Happiness Blueprint (Live)

Light up Inside. And then join hands to Spread Joy in the whole Environment.

Be ready to upgrade yourself

1. You will receive the technology and tools of happiness in a deep and profound way.
2. You will rub shoulders with leading Entrepreneurs, Executives, Trainers and Speakers.  

3. You will win hearts and project yourself as a Cheerful, Powerful and Confident personality.  

4. You will maximize your outcomes with your Charm and Broad Smiles on your face.  

5. You will become version 2.0 of yourself Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

You will become a Role Model for your people

1. You will be able to heal the emotional wounds of people around you.

2. You will sows the seeds of Joy, Peace and Harmony in your environment.

3. You will be a Catalyst for Creating Contentment for People around you.

4. Inner Well-being, Happiness, Joy, Fun will come naturally to you.

5. If you pursue the path shown to you, you will become a trendsetter.

FORMAT of the 10 days Program

1. Live Masterclass: 120 Minutes of Initiation (Choose any of these dates: 18th, 22nd, 23rd or 24th Oct)

We will be transferring information, knowledge, tools, technologies to you so that you can put into practice what you learn here and develop your own wisdom for inner well-being, Happiness, Joy, Fun and Abundance at each and every moment of your life.
2. Seven Happiness Activities from 25th Oct for 8 days through WhatsApp (5-15 minute tasks everyday)

We will be putting a seed into a fertile ground on our first live session. Your willingness is the fertility to get initiated into this and the 8 days - 7 Happiness Activities + Journal Writing + Practices will be the process of making this seed into a tree, bearing the fruits of Love, Abundance, Fulfilment and Freedom (LAFF).
3. Live Class on the 10th day to revise what we learnt (120 Minutes) at a mutually convenient timeslot.

Time to Recapitulate, Assimilate, Narrate & Celebrate with Energy (TRANCE) what we learnt during last few days, share the feelings and learn next few steps in our happiness journey.

4. Be ready to impact people's lives in great way by continuing on your journey

This is not a course but truly a Sadhana. Sanskrit word Sadhana means "Practice with Devotion and Commitment".

Course Curriculum

Happiness Coach CK Arora

As a Keynote Speaker and Happiness Coach, CK  has transformed the lives and career/business of more than 5000 Entrepreneurs and Senior Corporate Executives. 

CK is on a mission to make 1 million people laugh all their way to the bank, doing something they are most passionate about.

Prior to being a Coach, CK was the CEO of an e-Learning venture, while also teaching MBA Students as a Visiting Professor at his own Alma Mater, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University.

CK also served as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in a Fortune 500 Oil and Gas MNC and prior to that, CK was in the Global IT Industry in the senior Management Roles for onsite clients in Oman, Singapore, Canada, USA, UK and Australia.

Seema Shukla


Coach CK Arora took us to the Great Heights of Happiness in such simple and doable ways which are not only very easy to complete but also very effective.

He also revealed the secret ways of creating happiness that can be embedded in our daily routine.

Mr Arora reminded us about all the beautiful things around us, which create manifold happiness in our lives.  Thank you!!

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    Starts with a Live Session of 120 minutes.

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